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At Together, we are helping eCommerce brands to discover and acquire new shoppers. Rising customer acquisition costs (CAC) and iOS 15 have changed the game -- it is time to grow together!

The cross-store referral app!

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The CAC crisis

3x more expensive 

3 years ago, digital CPMs at €3. Today, it costs €10 or more.

Easy partnering

10 min onboarding 

Collaborating with brands has never been easier.
Join our growing community of selected brands to collaborate.


Like-minded brands


We are creating a new sales channel and acquisition funnel that enables the best merchants to #BrandBetterTogether to drive sustainable growth outside of Facebook, Amazon, and Google.


We are pioneering collaborative commerce. 

How it works

How it works

Collaborate to acquire new customers

We'll lower your CAC and expand your customer base with high-intent shoppers.

Get new customers

Collaborate on autopilot

Share audiences 

Together allows brands to receive new customers without spending a cent on ads simply by partnering with other like-minded brands.

Connect & partner with like-minded brands to share audiences and tell joint stories. Brands select their partners - we take care of the complexity.

Run joint campaigns, cross-sell, or share audiences with brand partners to tap into new audiences. We understand which brands sell best together & optimize results.

Developed together with these awesome DTC brands

We believe modern brands are better off by branding together.

We believe in the influencing power of brands, and cross-commerce.

We believe that every network brand will win new shoppers from other network brands


Together create an untapped & high intent shopper acquisition channel that grows with every partner.

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