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Collaborate to sell more!

Together enables brands to collaborate and grow outside of Facebook, Google, and Amazon. 

Bunte Diamant

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The CAC crisis

17.5x more expensive 

3 years ago, digital CPMs were a mere € 2. Today, it costs € 33 or more.

Easy partnering

2 min onboarding

Partnering with modern brands has never been easier - get ready in 2 min. 


Join 20+ brands

Join our growing community of selected partner brands to collaborate.

How it Works

Collaborate to acquire new customers!

Get new shoppers, lower your CAC & increase your AOV through cross-store  referrals.

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Your earn a credit each time a shopper views partner brands on your post-purchase checkout. 

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Show your shoppers products they might love from your selected partner brands.

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Use your credits to win new shoppers from your partners without spending a cent on ads.

We build a community of modern DTC Brands and equip them with headless collaborative e-commerce tools. We believe modern brands are better off by branding together. We believe in the influencing power of brands, and cross-commerce. We are convinced that every network brand will win new shoppers from other network partner DTC Brands. Thereby, we create an untapped & high intent shopper acquisition channel that grows with every partner.

How it works

Why together

Put partnering on autopilot.

Easy setup

Out-of-the-box integration and product sync with your Shopify shop. Additional e-commerce platforms will be available soon.

Get new shoppers

Together allows you to get new shoppers without spending a cent on ads simply by partnering with other likeminded brands. Brand together & grow outside of Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Smart recommendations

Select your partner out of our network of premium brands. We see which brands sell best together and optimize your results and shopper recommendations with our interest-graph engine.

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